Hello! I'm Eva!

I’m a freelance illustrator and writer born and raised in Spain. I mostly work for publishers, drawing children’s albums, book covers and press articles.

My favourite projects are those that allow me to express the graphic language of an eerie, strange and beautiful story.

I love storytelling, so, in addition to drawing, I like to write my own tales and poems, with a touch of darkness which I then self-publish as small fanzines.

When I’m not drawing, I like to read sci-fi, horror and fantasy novels. My dream is to live in a snowy city so I can drink hot chocolate and pet my cat all day.


. Penguin Random House
. Anaya
. Savannah Books
. CSIC – Barcelona
. Diputación de Valencia


. Casa del Libro 2009
. Ilustrando Colectiva 2009
. Valencia Week Design 2010
. Artea2 2011
. Monstruos 2013

A piece of me!

And who do you belong to?
To afternoons playing on the street, to making up ghosts stories, to the smell of turpentine, to swallows singing and cycling uphill. Now it’s more or less the same, but with coffee.

When I was little, I dreamed of being:
Something that could fly.

What inspires your work:
I love scary, dark and a little bit strange stories. I like hidden messages, in-between spots and promises made of blood. I used to draw some recurring nightmares and poetic bitterness. I prefer stories told in the moonlight, wrapped in blankets.

How did you become an Illustrator?
I studied a degree in Plastic Arts and Design at the EASD in Valencia and worked in 2 advertising agencies at the art department and on a local newspaper with national presence.

I loved drawing since high school, but I didn’t realise that it was a way of life until I was already working. Since then, I’ve published some beautiful books and worked for magazines.

Some advice: Be constant, don’t give up, patience and discipline :3


Any question or commission? Feel free to contact me at:


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